New Head Unit advice


Jul 22, 2008
Okay, so the short version/question is: should I get a head unit with Apple CarPlay or without?


I have a 93. My current head unit is about 8-10 years old, but has USB and Bluetooth, so when I drive, I stream Spotify and SirusXM, and make phone calls via bluetooth. As of last week, that stereo has some sort of alarm/notification that I cannot turn off, or figure out why it's happening. It's not a "feature" or setting in the manual, and I haven't done anything different in the car except start it up. I did take the car battery out and charge it, but I've done that every year. So, I'm going to get a new head unit.

I do have CarPlay in my daily driver, and I love it, but, that's a new car, and the screen is where you'd expect it to be on a new car, high on the dash.

With the Mustang, because of where the head unit sits in the car, I'm not going to be interacting with the screen much, if at all. I know that the streaming services sound better when connected via CarPlay, so that's a consideration, but, I'm not going to be using that screen for navigation, or really anything, so I'm wondering if CarPlay is even necessary? Right now, I use my phone with a suction cup mount, above the middle vents, and that works great, I can get to navigation and all my apps, and I have no complaints really.

What say you?

P.S. - I know there is that new custom plate out there now that will let you relocate the climate controls, but I'm not interested in doing that, and that doesn't make THAT much of a location difference, in my opinion.
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We have a 2 year old car with a 4 or 5" screen for the radio/ back up camera, it's annoying as hell to me, I drive, don't need a screen, just some Dooby Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd through the speakers, I'm good.
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