new - how to find discontinued items 1966 mustang


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Apr 5, 2023
Hi I am searching for GREEN rubber Scott Drake floor mats (running horse) for my husband's 1966 coupe- next month is 20 years he's had the car he's had a rough year and I would like to Suprise him. I have contacted all dealers including Scott Drake. (discontinued) Does anyone know where I can find a pair. Hoping someone has a pair they decided not to use.

Please delete if I posted incorrectly,

Thank you
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Yes those are the ones in green. He has a pair that are beyond terrible with holes and ripped to shreds. He won't let me replace them unless I find the green rubber ones like above.
I have called Summit, Scott Drake, Virginia and Kentucky Mustang they have been discontinued.
I was hoping someone had a pair that decided to go with something else.