Anybody recognize this car?


Oct 28, 2017
With the internet and social media, who knows.

Picked this up last week as a new daily driver / toy.



2004 GT Deluxe in Comp Orange. 5spd. I'm in VA. Went to MD to get the car, but it came from NY. Owner had it 15+ years. I'm betting this car had a former gearhead owner. NO ROT. Undercarriage is clean. Current mileage is 97K. Actually less than that.

Turns out the guy I purchased it from (in his 70s - medical issues didn't allow him to drive the car for the last year or more) bought it as it sits. He replaced tires. Charged the AC once (needs it again - so I guess I got get the dye out and find the leak). He didn't mod anything. In fact the only thing he ever did was try to get the rear bumper painted (didn't match the rest of the car / faded) and they did a bad job (looks like zero prep work - doesn't appear to have any filler).

Car had 4.10 gears put it in. Owner never bothered to program / change speedo. It was his garaged weekend toy. So going by the Carfax from when he purchased (he has a printed copy from when he bought the car) the car has more like 85K.

Original owner mods: (All pre 2008)

- Shifter (haven't pulled it to see what brand, likely going MGW eventually anyway)
- Aforementioned 4.10 gears
- Shorty / mid-length headers (pre cats are deleted, aftermarket cats were added w/ X pipe and looks like Flowmaster catback or likely just mufflers welded in to stock setup)
- Lowering springs (I will crawl all around / under the car this weekend, they still have a part # on 'em looks like)
- Aftermarket clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster (need to adjust it - clutch is a bit 'firm' even for me) not sure on the cable

Betting at one time it had a Vortech or other supercharger installed. A setup that called for drilling the front of the oil pan to tap an oil line. Most of that line is still there - just blocked off.

Besides that engine looks bone stock. No leaks, drips, rattles, knocks I can detect. Everything else is factory original. Interior is mint. Including the WORKING Mach 1000 stereo system, with the amp rack and sub woofers that essentially eliminates the Mustang's trunk.

It's got the silver center trim and 40th anniversary badges on Fender and shifter bezel. I know it's not a true 40th anniversary edition - to my knowledge they never came in Comp Orange.

Original owners manual, maintenance book, every receipt he had came with it.

Something about the original Comp Orange cars...

Runs, drives good. SCT X4 should be here tomorrow so I can fix the speedometer. No real plans others than an fresh oil change, spark plugs, air filter and maybe a coolant flush (it looks new) and replace the window switch trim piece on the driver's side (clip is broken) that's the only damage to the interior beside a wear spot on what look to be the original floor mats.

Front bumper has fade (I seem to remember that being normal), so I'm going to repaint both. Current picture was after using a pressure washer on it and a QUICK wash. Kind of curious to see what the original paint will look like after a cut and buff.
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