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Jun 27, 2016
Hello everyone. I'm Stephanie. I just signed up to this site after my brother suggested I join a mustang forum. I became obsessed with mustangs towards the end of last year. My neighbor whom I barely know got me obsessed with mustangs. He moved to my neighborhood in 2013, and I saw his car go up and down my street everyday for the past three years and I fell in love with his car. He drives a white SN95 Cobra SVT. In all honesty I never liked cars, in fact, I had a phobia of all vehicles for 23 years (since I was four) and the sound of cars always bothered my ears and upset me, especially mustangs, but my neighbor's car changed my life! I have a whole story about my struggle with my autimobile phobia, and how my neighbor's car is helping me overcome my struggles, but since I'm new here I'm not gonna post it just yet. Let me know if you're interested in hearing it though. I'd eventually love to share it with you all! I had my first ride in a mustang on June 23rd (this past Thursday) and I loved every second of it! I felt like I overcame a major challenge in my life, and I owe it all to my neighbor! It wasn't his car, but thanks to his car, I felt I can finally face my fear head on with confidence!! I've come such a long way in the past six months alone, and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I went from not wanting to get in a car, to now wanting to own a mustang! Unfortunately I can't drive because I have a visual disability, so that's a real bummer for me! Hopefully one day I'll be able to practice driving with a mustang!
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