1. White85fox

    New from Idaho

    1985 mustang gt owner from Idaho, just joining the stangnet fam. This is my second fox and right now it is bone stock ready for goodies this summer.
  2. H

    8 bolt crank to 6 bolt crank swap????

    Need help I am putting a new engine I a 02 gt and I can’t seem to get the flex plate situation sorted out. You see the engine I got as a replacement has a 8 bolt crank but the 02 has a 6 bolt therefore I cannot just swap the Flexplate over. Well I bought a new 8 bolt Flexplate that supposedly...
  3. M

    2003 GT auto shifting

    I have a 2003 mustang gt auto with 108k miles, I installed a fresh crate motor to find my transmission shifting through first and second wonderfully but when it is suppose to shift to third it downshifts to first and I’m wondering if it could be anything other then a bad transmission I did a...
  4. J

    2000 GT Idle/Running Issues

    Hi kids. Longtime listener, first time caller. So I bought a 2000 Mustang GT. Auto car. 203xxx miles. The previous owner said it's had the crank sensor, cam sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, brakes, complete stereo system, all of suspension bushings, tie rods...
  5. J

    Start a car club in Lancaster/Palmdalr area

    Hey guys, I'm new to this shot and was wondering if there were any guys located in the Palmdale/Lancaster area that would like to start up a car club? Doesn’t matter if what kind of mustang you have or how fast it is, I just want to create a positive environment for people to learn and exchange...
  6. 1990gsp

    SOLD FOR SALE / 2012 (Kona Blue) Mustang GT Premium / Atlanta GA

    2012 Mustang GT, Kona blue, 6 speed, black leather, premium package w/ brembo brakes and appearance package, Shaker 1000 sound system, Boss 302 front fascia, Saleen grill, California Special rear spoiler and bumper, California Special rear surround, JLT cold air intake, Boss 302 valve covers...
  7. A

    Overheating issue

    ok so here’s my problem I have an 07 GT, the other day I was idling with the AC on and I overheated. I replaced the thermostat and the water pump just to be in the safe side. pressure test was fine I’m not leaking any coolant. There was a 30 degree difference between the top radiator hose...
  8. D

    1968 Mustang Coupe

    Hello to all. I have recently purchased a 1968 mustang coupe to restore. It’s a little rough around the edges but nothing that can’t be fixed. I was thinking about changing the paint color but also want to know if the current paint is desirable. Does anyone know how many 1968 mustang coupes were...
  9. S

    4.6 3v Control pack

    Okay guys im having a real hard time finding a 4.6 3v control pack for a swap im doing would anyone be able to help me find one or if i can use the original harness from the mustang and ecu would i be able too? I have a donor car the engine is going into a hot rod im building please let me know...
  10. 7

    1973 Mach 1 Mustang Scholarship!

    Hello All! My name is Carver Boldman. I am 17 years old, and am part of a family that loves cars! My uncle paints cars professionally in California, and my Dad, brother and I restore classic cars for a hobby. Over the past 10 years or so we have restored many vehicles including but not limited...
  11. 5

    Selling Advice - Major Rework - 2001 5 spd Coupe

    Hi, I'm ED; Need Advice on how to best sell. I've probably spent about $175 $200 a month on repairs on my 2001 5sp Mustang Coupe between 1/2018 and 4/2019; Car is worth more for parts; yet it is probably close to running with minimal repairs. Every Repair was done - absolutely truthful. Sad...
  12. beyondEOD

    SN95 94-95 Microsquirt Pinouts

    Does anyone have the Pinouts for the Microsquirt to 94-95 SN95 EEC Harness? It would greatly help me figure out how they are interfacing and working with/around the CCRM. (Specifically the AC WOT Cut and AC Control Circuit)
  13. I

    1988 Mustang possible transmission shuddle?

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Not too long ago, my car began to buckle under deceleration. 1988 mustang gt AOD. Seems like if I let it coast under 30 to 35, it starts to buckle. At first, i thought it might have been a bad motor mount that was broken and making the engine rock around upon...
  14. rx79gez8gundam

    1996-1998 4.6L SOHC Engine Harness Connector C210 Pinout

    I spent several hours searching without luck for the 42-pin C210 engine harness pinout without luck. Since I ultimately had to trace each wire by hand I decided I would document my work for future reference and post it if anyone else needs it. I have a new edge harness I will also trace when I...
  15. D

    Cooler thermostat to solve pinging

    Hey everyone, hope you all are staying safe during this virus. From day one I've been trying to crack down my problem of pinging with low rpm high load situations. Now I do have a bama tune, before everyone attacks me, I know, it's not the greatest but I've had great luck with them. They worked...
  16. J

    1972 Mach 1 wont go above 4k rpm

    So I’ve dreaded doing this for a while because I’ve searched far and wide for answers and I’m still left with the same problem. I have a ‘72 Ford Mustang Mach 1, i bought it with a 2v headed Cleveland, FMX, and a 8in rear. It is a true Q-code car so it is supposed to be a 4V cleveland, with a C6...
  17. 94Vortechcobra

    Connecting Wideband to Megasquirt PNP2

    Ok so I’m finally looking into wiring my AEM Failsafe wideband into my megasquirt pnp2 on my supercharged 94 Cobra. When I got the car it had no O2 sensors period so I decided to install a wideband and after installing I noticed my AFR at idle is in the 11’s which is too rich unless it’s just in...
  18. S

    Reoccurring squeak/chirping noise coming from rear.

    Howdy! I've been having this strange issue with my 2002 Mustang GT (114k miles) for several years now. I keep getting a chirp/squeak from what sounds like the rear of the car. It does not do it when idling, it can be heard driving around in parking lots or going over bumps and sometimes even...
  19. T

    Help with 2v turbo build

    Hello so I posted a while back and I decided to turbo my 4.6 2v with supporting mods and pushed around 420 Whp and now the motor is fried :( so I just bought another 2v motor with 84k miles I have sold some of the supporting mods like Bbk air intake, throttle body Etc. this build I want to...
  20. M

    Mustangs At Daytona