1. 02' Lightning/Stang/Cobra Vert

    02' Lightning/Stang/Cobra Vert

    2002 Mustang 04 Cobra interior, Cobra R Wheels, 40k MI Ford lightning motor, ported Eaton, build girdled build 8.8, 32" lift bars, TKO 3550 tremec 5 speed, intank Aeuromotive A1 fuel pump, I'm sure I'm forgetting something but you get the picture, 90% complete
  2. H

    Terminator restomod

    hi guys. Ive read countless forums but never been part of a group before. WELL, ITS TIME! I have everything from an 03 terminator and want to put it into my 66 Fairlane. My questions are; 1) who is a good one for a wiring harness for that thing? 2) what are some good options for fuel systems...
  3. 9

    For Sale 1994 cobra coupe, 150k mi, 5spd, 5.0L, $5k obo, Ewing, NJ

    Hi everyone, I'm around Ewing, NJ, and am looking to sell my 1994 cobra, I'm the 3rd owner and have had the car since 2004, putting about 70k miles on it in total, mostly as daily driver. Asking $5,000 obo. I stopped driving this car regularly after June 2018, but kept up with weekly start-ups...
  4. L

    1978 king cobra center wheel hub

    I need a good picture of 1978 king cobra wheel center cap the original snake. Just the snake close up. I am attempting to get some made, any help would be great. The ones I have are bad. Thanks
  5. ZeroFoxGiven

    Fox Please help identify these brake calipers

    Can't seem to find the correct pads for the calipers I have. They are supposed to be for a 2003 Cobra. PBR Castings part #K247-047C 2 Different sets of pads 2 different brands and neither Brands fit! The Spring clips are spaced too wide apart and they don't fit inside the pistons. One set are...
  6. L

    Tires and wheels?

    I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s. I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires...
  7. N

    Swapping a 1996 TekSkid 4.6 into a 2004 V6

    Hey guys, as the title says, I’m considering swapping a 1996 Cobra engine with its matching harness, T56 transmission, gauge cluster, rad and fans, and stock exhaust manifolds into my current car, a 2004 3.8L with the T5. I will also be swapping my 7.5 to an 8.8. I was wondering if anyone has...
  8. 20180617_160421.jpg


    2003 Terminator
  9. 9

    Questions about seats

    Hi all. First post in a long time. Just bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra after 4 years of not having a Stang. This is my 8th Mustang and i think it might be a keeper. Anyway, one of the things I would like to change are the seats. I'm pretty tall and have always found that the seats in the SN95s...
  10. Abe.Early

    New 93 Cobra owner

    Just picked up this 93 Cobra with a '13 BOSS 302 coyote swapped in. I currently own a '00 ranger that I swapped a HO 302 from a 01 explorer with a t5, and a 01 explorer.
  11. robert robinson

    New engine for Mach 1?

    I have a 2003 Mach 1 that just rolled 167000. It leaks oil, has a little tick or rattle and it starting to show it's age. My question is, where can I find a new 4 valve 4.6 long block or short block. Everywhere I look it's all coyote stuff. I understand the coyote is a great motor, and I'd...
  12. J

    My new 2001 Cobra is here

    Hello every one. Just bought a 2001 Cobra. Car needs a clutch. I already bought an Excedy Stage 2 and an SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust. While I have the transmission out what else should I do to the car at the same time? Any suggestions? Tranny mounts? Etc.... Figure while I’m dropping the cats and...
  13. W

    Engine Questions about cobra intake manifold

    I somewhat recently purchased a cobra upper and lower and will soon get around to installing them. As my car is a daily driver I am trying to sort out any issues beforehand. I know this is a common swap so I'm sure some of the information I'm asking for is out there I'd just like to be certain...
  14. T

    2001 Cobra, I need some help

    I recently bought a 2001 Cobra and I noticed when the car is fully stopped and you try to shift into 1st gear, it grinds occasionally, even with the clutch pressed all the way in. Any ideas on what it might be and what I can do?
  15. S

    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
  16. M

    For Sale Mustang weld wheels XP

    Weld wheels 17x9's front 17x10's rear, brand new tires 245/40/17's 315/35/17's RARE wheels never seen weather $1800 859-816-7743 not on here much so texting is the best way to reach me 5x114.3 also has other 5 lug holes (was on gto) Burlington ky Mustang Cobra Gto Corvette Lexus Supra
  17. N

    2003 Mach 1, electrical issues

    I have a couple issues going on with my Mach 1 at the moment. For one i recently replaced my drivers side window motor since it went out but now when ever I raise it all the way up or drop it all the way down the motor doesn't stop and make a loud clicking sound of the 2 gears clashing unless I...
  18. Hoytster

    1999-2004 Cobra IRS Hardtail Mount Fabrication 1-a

    I will update this resource shortly as a step-by-step process. Link above is a direct download to a .zip file that includes the measurements for cutting out the pieces needed to fabricate the IRS hardtail mount and the process pictures of how to fabricate the mount. There are other ways to do...
  19. M

    Help Removing 1996 Cobra Master Cylinder

    I need some guidance on removing the lower nut securing the master cylinder to the hydroboost. I have searched online but found nothing. The space is so small and I can barely get a hand between the valvecover and master cylinder using the smallest socket wrench I have. I've also tried to go...
  20. Doomstang

    Anyone selling 03 rear cobra bumper?

    Is anyone selling their rear cobra bumper or spoiler?