1. 9

    What's it Worth? 5.0 Cobra intake

    What the value of a used Fox (not SN95) Ford Racing Cobra intake? Its one of the China-made ones but does have the larger oil baffle underneath.
  2. 1994 Mustang Cobra

    1994 Mustang Cobra

    Cervini's 2000 Cobra R Hood
  3. V

    Brakes 1985 Mustang Front Cobra Brake Conversion

    Hey everyone. I have a 1985 notchback. Previous owner swapped brakes from a 1992 5.0 onto this and now I’m doing a 5 lug cobra conversion. I’ve done the fronts and then had to take the car to a shop for some work. By the time I get it back I don’t think I’ll have enough time to do the rears...
  4. B

    Cobra #3000 In The House!

    Just joined the forum after acquiring 1993 Cobra #3000 a few weeks ago. She‘s red over gray leather, 64k miles, has a Vortech SC and some other bolts ons. The car has had the same caretaker from new and is darn near flawless. I am super stoked about being the new owner of such an amazing car...
  5. B

    Which Explorer lower do I need? EGR or no EGR?

    I have a 1995 GT with the 5.0 (302 to us old guys). Engine is basically stock, but I am planning an upgrade to GT40 heads and a better intake. To this end, I have purchase the upper to a Cobra intake. If I am correct, I can mate this with an Explorer lower. If so, do I need the lower with...
  6. K

    Bone stock 2002 4.6 Cobra need performance upgrades

    I have a stock 2002 4.6 Cobra. Wondering if and intake spacer would help much at all or a larger than stock throttle body (70 or 72 or 75 or 77...) would add much...or both? Should I look toward a different than stock intake manifold? Reprogrammed chip or programmable chip or ECU? Headers...
  7. ogvenom

    Lots of vibration after changing u joints in driveshaft

    1996 Mustang Cobra SVT 5 speed manual, all stock except 4:10 gears, bassani x pipe and flowmaster mufflers on Eibach lowering springs. I removed my driveshaft, took it to a local driveshaft shop and they replaced the u-joints and re-balanced the driveshaft. I put it back on and now I have...
  8. W

    Intro and question on hoods

    Hey all - I'm very excited to be taking delivery of a 2003 GT on Monday! Black, 5 speed, and only ~52K miles. I'm planning to add the obligatory chin spoiler and Mach 1 grill, and then after that, I'd really like to swap out the hood. The stock "scoop" just doesn't do it for me, I'd much...
  9. 50Dreamer

    For Sale 4V B Heads/Cams

    Heads are located in North Haven, CT. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Local pickup is welcome. If you want more pictures just ask. B Heads/Cams - $150
  10. Ryuk

    What's it Worth? 1999 Cobra convertible

    How desirable are these? Is $6k a good price? Yes, I know there are no pics. I'm asking for a relative and looking for generalities.
  11. 603mustangs

    What's it Worth? 1993 Cobra Engine

    Does anyone know the value? Engine only, no trans. Milage unknown.
  12. M

    Theft Light - Please Help!

    Hello everyone, This is my first post as I'm just joining and I searched but didn't find the specific problem I'm having. I recently brought my late brother in law's 1995 Cobra home. It has sat for 13= years and hasn't been touched. It had a bad fuel pump and the tank was trashed so I replaced...
  13. A

    What's it Worth? Cobra @ dealership help

    Hey yall. Looking to trade my 2011 GT Premium for a 2003 Cobra 10th anniversary vert at a dealership. It seems pretty overpriced. They’re asking $24,600 for it when the KBB for it is $16-19k at a dealership. They offered $10,000 for mine and that’s definitely extremely low. So any advice on...
  14. P

    TB just replaced, still have knocking sound.

    I had just finished replacing the TB, pilot bearing, rear main seal, clutch, etc. On my 96 cobra because of a knocking sound whenever the clutch pedal was all the way out. After about 30-40 mins of driving to test it out, the same exact knocking sound is back. Im pretty sure I replaced it...
  15. P

    Help please!! 4.6 4v black box!!

    I own a 96 Cobra, and I am having huge trouble with the hoses coming from the CAI to the valve cover, and the hose from the CAI to the IAC. The one going to the valve cover doesnt fit properly causing a vacuum leak, and I cant find the hose anywhere!! Its like it doesnt exist. Then the second...
  16. P

    96 Cobra PCV Valve hoses

    So im having a problem with the pcv valve hoses not properly fitting and I cant find the proper hoses anywhere. I want to just delete the hoses altogether can anybody provide some instructions on how to do that?? I can only find posts on the 03-04 cobras. Im pretty new to working on cars so Im...
  17. AydenTv

    What's it Worth? 89 LX Convertible 5.0 Or 97 Cobra??

    I have a Stock 89 LX Convertible with a 5.0 inside it.. posted it on fb for 5k and a guy dm'd me and said he had a 97 Cobra with 3:27 gears, bbk Cold air Inrake, Bbk suspension, 133k miles, saleen rims, 5 speed, and says the vin comes back as a real cobra.. but the seats was changed to cloth...
  18. P

    What did i get myself into

    Ok guys im kind of worried that I may have dug myself into a pretty deep hole. I recently purchased a 1996 Cobra with 100k(ish?) for a good price I would say (the odometer is stuck at 100631, but judging by interior it doesnt look far off). I am learning stick on this car as well. It seems I...
  19. P

    Help with overheating 4.6 4v!!

    I recently purchased a 96 mustang cobra and the car was overheating so I flushed and replaced the coolant, but no help. Every time I drive the car for about 20 mins the engine bay smokes and theres hot coolant leaking from the reservoir. After some research, I am going to replace the thermostat...
  20. P

    Help please!!! Coolant crossover 4.6 4v

    I recently purchased a 96 mustang cobra and I noticed that my coolant crossover tube is very rusty on the outside as well as inside. Its very hard to find a crossover tube replacement so Ive been looking at a delete kit instead. A bit pricey, but my question is I see all these kits change the t...