New Mustang Owner....tuning Question


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Jul 2, 2013
I just purchased a 93 lx with a mile long list of mods. It was tuned for 110 fuel. The engine has 10.5:1 compression and in n/a. I want to know if I can have a separate tune done to run on pump gas, and then run the race tune when I go to the strip. Do I just get another pcm and send it in with a list of my mods? I'm sorry for the newb questions...I've been around carb'd big block Fords all my life. This is my first venture into fuel injected small blocks. Thanks for your help.
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Where was the tune done? What chip are you using? You shouldn't need to buy another computer. There are several ways to tune these cars. It would help if you could tell us what you are using
That's the problem. The person I bought the car from took it on trade, so he didn't know much about it. All I know is the car was built in California, and I'm in Iowa. I have a shoe box full of parts receipts, but nothing about the tune.
The computer is under the passenger side kick panel in the front. Pop it out, the chip is on the opposite side of the plug so you will have to remove the computer to get to it. Pretty sure it's a 10mm or 8mm bolt to get the plug off the computer, it does not just pull off. Se if there are any markings on the chip. If not take some pics of it. Someone might recognize it.
I uploaded a pic of the pcm and of the chip. We'll see if this worked.
I have been doing some researching on tuning myself. Haven't done it yet, but i do have a decent knowledge. From what i have read, i am going to go the rout of buying a SCT chip with a selector for multiple tunes. You can buy a chip with some tunes one it, or buy a blank one and go get it flashed at a speed shop. Most all speed shops tune the SCT chips. There are other chips you can get, but none are as popular as the SCT. If you get one, you will need to tell the guy writing your tune, exactly what is done to the car. They need to know everything, and i mean everything. You will be able to get a tune for pump gas, racing gas or whatever you want to use. YOU have to be careful tho, if you are in a race tune and use crappy gas, the result could be bad. But i would defiantly suggest the SCT because they are very popular. Goodluck
Can you share with us that guys info? If it's just a guy at home doing it, then don't bother. If it's a business that's looking for more sales and tuning work, I would LOVE to know. Because I'm looking to get a chip within a month or two. And if you have the costs, that would be sweet to. Thanks bro