New pics after lowering


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Feb 25, 2008
Heres a few quick(bad) pics of my car after I installed steeda sport springs, dspecs, steeda adj panhard bar and brace. I love the way this thing rides/handles now, and the stance is perfect for me. Did the install myself, after getting jerked around by a shop for a while. Thanks for all the advice!



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Looks great and I like the stance, I'm wanting to level out the stance of mine as well but its on a LONG mod list so it may not be anytime soon.

Keep up the great mods, looking mean! :nice:
Does look really nice:nice: Great job on doing the work yourself.

+1 on the wrong sunlight angle for great pics as it makes it difficult to really see the tops of the tires compared to the fenders. If possible, an hour or so after/before the sun rises/sets are ideal times for natural light. I know it's hard to wait until that time before snapping off multiple shots of these great cars:rock:
thanks for the compliments, and yes, those freakin badges were expensive, but I knew I had to have them the first time I saw em. Thats kinda how I do all my mods. Yeah, I knew the pics would be crappy, but with my schedule and the ridiculous weather around here I figured it might be a while before I had another chance.