New Pics....


Jul 3, 2004
So since I recently broke my Nikon Coolpix 6.0mp, it was time for a new camera... I picked up a Casio Exilim 10.1mp, & I must say its a bad@$$ camera. I took out my 95 today on my lunch break to give it a little test. This camera has alot of options, but Im still trying to get a hang of it. It also was around noon which is horrible for taking pics & it was a bit too sunny yesterday, so its not my best photo shoot, but not 1/2 bad....BTW, the "YLAPONY" (yella pony) plates came on the car when I bought it & Im still unsure if I want to keep it or not....









If anyone is wondering, I bought this car last June & it currently has 86k original miles & its my daily driver. It was bone stock when I got it. The only mods are Maximum Motorsports CC plates, LCA's, H&R supersports, Bilsteins, Mac o/r H, Flowmaster catback, MGW shifter, Maximum Motorsports quadrant & firewall adjuster, & the wheels....My next mods are an S281 spoiler I have sitting in the garage, new cobra headlights, & then I desperately need to do something to make this car faster... Oh well its only the DD anyway...

here is a pic of my semi fast car...


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Nice.... Where did you find dish '03 '04 cobra wheels?

I got them from wheel replica's. They only made a short run of them, so Im not too sure if they are still available....

Nice ride man. I'd go for some tint, a Mach 1 chin spoiler, and maybe paint the pony in the grille black too.

Tint is in the near future & I always wondered what the pony would look like black???

Your Mach 1 is real nice :nice: Your GT needs more power :D If you were considering changing the plate then I would it sounds to feminine

Thats why I dont like the plate because "Pony" does sound a bit feminine to me too...I wlll be changing it down the road...

:nice: you should invest a whole 5 dollars in the black bumper inserts off ebay. takes about fifteen minutes to put them in and they look the back end look real nice. did it to my yella gt. lol

Those black inserts look good...