new pics

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There was a big post about no for sale ads in the forums ..

I would think this falls under that. You could have said LOOK I took some new pics..

But instead>>> NEW CRAIGSLIST PICS >.. May as well named it Im selling my car, here it is. PM me..........


Ok thanks for the heads up. Is there a way I can change the title? If not can the mods change it to something more appropriate?
I like the car as well. Just seemed like a blatant breaking of rules.

And MAVMAV I am not an Idoit. I am a grown man, I do not apreciate that. I have been a member of this site for a very long time. I know what the rules are.
who cares if they close the thread they close it, and you open a new one titled new pics of 5.0 ?

I just want to know how much money to get out of the bank :D