New Project Car - 347?

Main Power Adder?

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Oct 22, 2002
new jersey
Hey guys I just bought a 95 5.0 with 80,000 miles on it. I took out a 15k loan to rebuild the car but im not too sure as too what i should do (blower, nitrous, charger?) Im looking into buying a 347 stroker motor off a friend of mine for 2000 but i dont know what else i'll need heads? new tranny? upper and lower? If you could post some ideas of what i should do with the car. All advice is greatly appreciated!

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OinkAodeOink said:

They have a large knowledge base, manufacture links, pics, videos, ect... check it out
Oink, i and many other are over there i hang out in the DIY board because instead of buying a kit i will make my own and save a few grand. It's funny how easy it problem is finding the time and grage to work in...also check out the yahoo DIY Turbo group i am not a member but they have discussed amlost evey possible type of set up the search function is amazing...if you play your cards right you can build a turbo kit that will support 700rwhp for under 2k...i my case i only want 350-390rwhp and my goal is to do it under $ far so good.
This was a very good link, but the problem is I'm not too sure of which turbo i should go with. I'm not too familiar with turbos so what would you guys consider I get? I like the cartech but then again.....I dont want to spend more then 3,000 on a turbo setup.
there are many kits, i would do a search on yahoo, google, or some other search engine for turbo kits, there are other kits avail. that are much more flex. and make more power on a stock car.

I really want to make on myself just for the kicks, i want to use the turbo off of a friend of mines broke down supercoupe

how are the A/R or trim specs on these turbos, anyone that helps would be app.

sorry to horde SP? on your post boker.