Electrical New ride - old keyless start problems


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Apr 8, 2020
Toronto, ON
Hi all:
Was searching for some info and came across this forum and hoping you can help. I recently picked up a '93 mustang and it has a keyless entry system installed (somewhat) and is not currently working. The control module is tucked so far into the dash that short of removing the entire dash, i cannot pull it out. The shake sensor indicates it is a compustar system with no model number and the remote is a nustart.

Anyways to my problem, the power locks work with the interior switches, but there is a mess of new relays and splices that were made for this system and hoping someone can shed some light on how this is wired up and what i should be checking for to get this working again.

Also, posted a pic that was the best view of describing the location if anyone has any idea how to get to it without removing the dash -- already removed everything down to the cluster with no luck.



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I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
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Mar 2, 2015
The fuse for the keyless entry/remote start is probably missing. That module will come out but you may need to disconnect those harnesses first.

As far as getting it to work....we have no idea without knowing what's wrong. There should be a power ( red or yellow ) wire running to the module that should have constant power. Usually there is a 20 amp fuse on that wire.

The relays are so the module can control the door locks. Ford uses a funky system that reverses polarity on the same wires...so the relays control that.

To be honest it would be a lot easier to remove that one and install a new one. If you can get that module down it'll have a part number on it that can be googled to find the install manual. The module itself could still be bad.


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Apr 8, 2020
Toronto, ON
Tried to get it out with no luck :notnice:
To me it looks like the relays are pulling from incorrect wires though -- they were spliced into a white w pink and a green w yellow wire -- how could i find out what these wires are for? Are there diagrams that outline which wires are what in each connector?
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