new rims and tires ordered


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Sep 21, 2000
Bismarck ND
Well I broke down today, and figured that I better get things finished on my II so I can start on the drag car... that one is another story for another day. I went to jegs website and draglites were about 200 a pop for 14x7 5 lug rims for the back I thought man I could get them cheaper somewhere else. So I did a bit of hunting and found them for 167.99 That's a bit better but I'd have to order from two places. I figured ask and you shall receive and so I called jegs and asked them if they could match the price. I got put on hold for a bit, and the guy gets back on and says sure he could do that. So I said, I'd take 4 of the 14x7s (two for street tires, two for slicks) and 2 14x6 for the front, and 2 hoosier quick time pro tires for the street. That seems like alot of stuff and alot of $$$ but, shop around and pit the competition against each other and you'll come out in the end. A few years ago I was able to get a flaming rivers manual rack and pinion for $160 by doing this. If ordering from jegs, ask and you'll get a better price! Now all I got to do is get 5 lug roters for the front and I'm set.

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Nice work! :nice: It takes a bit of your time and sometimes dealing with other sales people can be a pain, but like you've shown, you really come out ahead. IMO any reputable company will surely make a deal with ya if they want a good image. I am surprised that Jegs did that. Will definately keep that in mind when I shop stuff they carry.

Thanks for the info. :nice: