New rims on...


Nov 20, 2007
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Those rims probably wouldn't look too good on my car but they work well on yours. Those tires look like they have a nice aggressive tread, how do they hook up and where did you get them so cheap?
Now wash er up and get some wider shots:D Looks good from what little i can see:nice:

It was beautiful in Connecticut today...Finally got some so-so pics..I tell ya, these Sumitomo's arent that bad..I stalled till about 2,300 rpm's, dropped the hammer, and it hooked great..Cant wait to get to the track and get some times..

I don't have a good one of the fender emblem, but I did a rear emblem and it looks just like the ones on the fenders.


Yeah, just cleaned them up and sprayed them with krylon. Taking them off the car was the hardest part.

They've been on there more than 6 months with no touch up. I am just careful when washing drying the car.