New s550 Roush charged owner whine ?


Apr 30, 2019
New Orleans La

Just picked up my 2016 5.0 premium triple yellow that has a stage 1 Roush Supercharger. It’s triple yellow and only has 9,100 Miles’s on it.. I love it! Coming from a supercharged 370Z this thing just keeps pulling and pulling.. anyway the car also has the Roush axleback exhaust and i just can’t hear the supercharger whine.. ‍♂ this might be frowned upon here but i really would like to hear it lol.. I saw there is a thing called closed air box kit ?? Does it Truely work ? Will I sacrifice any power or reliability?

Next things - any other supporting mods you recommend? I have attached the build list done by Stang Hi in Louisiana

I saw they just came out with a brand new tune so I plan to contact my local Roush dealer to see if they can update it.

Thanks for the advice !


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