New Tire Suggestion?

I have a 2000 GT with 17" Cobra Wheels on there. Currently I have 275-40 ZR-17 on the rear and 255-40, ZR-17 in the front. I was looking for something a little bigger in the rear ... what is the widest that is suggested? I've seen the 285 on a Cobra and that looks good and I have seen up to 305. Any suggestions for the front and rear? The overall profile looks good now with what I have and I want to maintain a nice profile, but was curious if there were other sized I could go with? I do have camber plates, not sure how much of a difference that makes for up front.

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If they're 17x9's, I wouldn't suggest going over 275's. It's not SAFE for tires above 275. If you want a larger tire, get a 17x10 or 17x10.5 rim so you can run a 295/305/315 tire. People will argue that point all day long, listen to them if you want.

I've ran BFG KDW 275's all the way around and I didn't care for them in the front. They seemed to follow EVERY rut in the road and could cause problems in the rain.