New tires, Tint, Motor Info!

I finally had to get new front tires due to sliding in the rain, I went with a taller front tire than what was on there before. Old tires were 225/50/15 and the new tires are 215/60/15. Personally I think they are too narrow but it was the only size they had in stock. It raised up the front enough to keep me from scraping on speed bumps:D

Also had tint put on a few weeks ago. I went with 20% on the sides and 15% on the hatch. So far haven't had any trouble from the local cops.

Not sure if anybody remembers but I never could find out what heads are on the car. Problem solved I cleaned off some grease and found out they are Pro Comp Heads. I have never heard of them so i don't know if they are any good or not. Anybody know anything about them
Procomp Electronics 3037 Procomp Aluminum Cylinder Heads

let me know what you think of the changes:nice:




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Apr 26, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Looks good. :nice:Tint always does wonders for the look of a car.I had 20% on mine at one time and the coppers caught me.:mad:Apparently 35% is legal here so i ended up going that route....less hassles and i wont get a fine.:D