New to mustangs

Jul 9, 2018

Never owned a mustang in my 45 years of driving, but I recall during the 2003 - 2004 detroit auto show and seeing the 05 prototype, I said then that I’ll have to buy one someday.

So many years of rebuilding British sports cars, I had enough, found an exceptionally well taken care of 07 gt vert in alloy and all stock, good platform to wrench on.

So far, adj. Panhard, bmr rear lca, lowered springs, hurst short shifter, koni yellows, MM adj. caster camber plates, hotchkis say bars, helm joint end links, borla exhaust, deep dish 18” Staggered bullets with m/t Street comps.

Eventually this winter, front LCA’s and bumpsteer kit.

Really enjoying this car, I’m actually driving it rather than under it.

At the moment just sorting out the steering, I’ll bring this up and ask in the tech section.

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