New Toy, New Pics, Constructive Criticism Is Welcome!

Got my graduation gift yesterday (camera), so im playing around with it trying to figure out how to use it etc. I took quite a few pictures last night but these few happen to be the best ones i could get. I wasnt able to find my tripod for these but i have it for the next time. I couldnt get the stupid thing to focus where i wanted to too, it kept focusing on the hose to the right :fuss: I know i have alot to learn with it but i am slowly figuring new things out with it everytime i pick it up. Give me a few weeks and i'll have some nice pictures to show with some practice!
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no laser you can tell me they suck because i recall knocking on your camera phone pics quite a few times :D but no really, i needed the tripod really bad, i shake way too bad to be taking pictures by hand like that
Wait till after the pictures to smoke crack :shrug:
It's a Nikon D60

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