New wheels for the 65


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Nov 25, 2003
I am about to order some wheels for my 65 coupe and just wanted some verification before I put down $1700 for them. They are these wheels here:

I have looked at other posts and dodgestangs chart and I am going to order:
4.75 backspacing
Tires: Nitto Extreme Performance 555
rear tires: 255/40/17
front: 235/45/17

This will fit correct? By all the information I have read it should...But on Newstalgias site it says they wont take back custom sized wheels so I dont want to screw myself here :/ . And what do you think of these wheels? Will they look nice on my Poppy Red coupe? Thank you.
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Those wheels are awesome! I have been eyeing them for my '68 coupe. I'm positive they will work great on my '68 since I'm already running 17x45x235's with no problem.

My dad has 255's on the back of his '65 vert and had some fitment issues...After chunking his right rear tire several times he ended up getting 5-leaf rear springs to jack up the back end so they wouldn't rub anymore and that seems to have worked. The best solution is to roll the inner quarter lip - it's best to do it *before* you paint the car to avoid messing up the paint!