Suspension Want to lower vert, anyone run these tires/wheels with a lower? Will I rub?


Jul 2, 2019
I am looking at ordering a set of Ford Performance B springs, or C springs. I currently have on the below wheels and tires, wondering if I am going to rub? I don't want to roll any fenders, or cut anything. Eibach springs are currently on a massive backorder, and my only option for convertible is the Ford springs. Does anyone run this setup? Have pics? TIA

stock suspension:

Tires are 245/45 R17 front
275/40 R17 rear

Wheels are:

  • Wheel Diameter - 17
  • Wheel Width - 8
  • Lugs - 4
  • Offset - +19mm
  • Backspacing - 5.25
  • Wheel Weight - 23 lbs
  • Wheel Diameter - 17
  • Wheel Width - 9
  • Lugs - 4
  • Offset - +20mm
  • Backspacing - 5.94
  • Wheel Weight - 25 lbs
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Put lubricant all over the balls
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Feb 18, 2001
I had C springs a long time ago. IMHO it dropped the front too much and the rear not enough. I did get some rubbing up front with 245's, but it was very minor. Changed to 245/45/17 and the problem was solved. never had any issues out back.

These springs rode very rough and I later change them out.

Warhorse Racing

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Feb 10, 2019
You also have the option of using Steeda spring spacers to raise the front of the car a little. The C-springs can be a bit low in the front of a V8 Fox.

I use the C Springs with poly isolators and Steeda spring spacers on my 1992 GT autocross car (it's not a convertible) and the ride height works well. I use 96-04 spindles, and 18x9" +30 offset wheels with 245/40/18 tires, but according to, your outer rim will sit 1.7mm further in than mine. My fenders aren't rolled, flared or cut.

Keep in mind that, despite being the same size, tires from different brands can run wider or narrower. And, due to loose production tolerances, no two Fox Body Mustangs are the same.

You can see the Steeda spring spacers in these videos:

The 6:00 mark in this video:


And the 4:27 mark in this install video:



You have a nice rear end there Dave.
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Nov 29, 1999
My coupe runs the same size tires you are asking about and it doesn't rub. My two convertibles run the same size tires but in 18" and again, no rub. I do not have rolled fenders on any of them and the two verts have eibach pro kit springs. The coupe is on coilovers.

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Apr 9, 2005
I have M5300C springs. I run a 17x 9 Cobra style wheel with 275/40-17 tires. I also have Steeda camber plates and about -1.5 degrees camber. The only rubbing I get (minimal) is on the 35mm Steeda front bar. I could always put rack limiters in, if I wanted. I also have the factory upgrade 2003 lower control arms, which might account for the rubbing. They are supposed to give a smaller turning circle. Maybe someone else has a comment on that.
As far as B or C goes. C is likely your choice for autocross. They are definitely a handling improvement. B is DEFINITELY your choice for daily driver, especially if your wife is with you. I like the extra stiffness in the rear (B and C are the same in the rear), and both sets are supposed to lower the same amount. But the B springs have a rate similar to a stock GT up front (variable 425/530) while the C spring has a MUCH stiffer 650# linear rate. For a daily driver, I think it would be the choice.
Oh, one more thing, Steeda might have redesigned their bar since I bought mine a LONG time ago.
Check YouTube for WarHorse Racing. He uses the C springs, and I believe has no issues with even larger tires. I know he found a way to get 315s in. He'd be good to ask.