New wood "tire cover" and AMP

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that looks great! :nice:

mine is missing. The carpet in the hatch sags all the way down into the spare tire well. I've been thinking of doing something like this, the hinges are a great idea!

Is that particle board you used? and how thick is that? I'm worried about putting a toolbox/body in the back and splitting the board.
Looks nice, I like the hinge idea. I've been meaning to do something like that because my tire cover sucks, I'm not sure its for the right car. It's too small and its the wrong shape so it slides around all the time.
Be careful with that particle board though. When it gets wet it gets ruined.

how about laminating it? :shrug: i seem to get a bit of water down there when its raining and i open the hatch. you're right, it would probably fold like cardboard.
a guy I know cut some plexi glass like that and glued his carpet to it, worked pretty good, carpet doesn't slide around when things are on it anymore either. His basically looks like a piece of hard carpet.