Engine Newbie Needs 5.0 Engine Help


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Jul 4, 2013
Hello All...I am new to the forum...and fairly new to Mustangs...Always been a fan just never owned one...Actually thats NOT true...I owned an 87 T-Top Fox body 5.0...sold it tho....A rare bird for sure...but needed full restoration. Also been a High Level Mechanic for over 20yrs...Just not much FOrd Specific experience.

Heres my dilemma... A buddys 94-95 Mustang needs a new 5.0.... What are my options? Ive done Honda Motor/generation swaps before....and I would imagine similar things take place in Ford World. SO I need your expertise to guide me in my options of how to get another 5.0 under my friends hood.

Of course I could TRY to find a 94-95 specific 5.0..... Or can I use a F.I 5.0 from a 90-93 and use some kind of conversion harness or accessory xfer?

Please help a Newbie to the Ford world....I am NOT new to mechanics.... Please give me straight info as I can handle any technical data...and easily deal with mechanical issues.

So what would you guys do with a 94-95 5.0 Mustang that needs an engine? I can handle the tech...just need the info

Thank you very much in advance.
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Basically what I THINK I've found is this.... I just need to find any 5.0 between say 90 and 95 ? and bolt on the accessories from the 95 Mustang to make it a 94-95 specific 5 liter?

PLEASE let me know... Because I dont want (or need?) to look for a rare chickens tooth 94-95 5.0L

Need the info ...please. Help?
What year Five Liter engines are on my list of choices.... I think this is all I now need to know....


This is important.... I understand that the long blocks are the same and the year specific injection...and accessories are what taylors it to be a 95 specific Mustang.

SO what year five liter do I need to find in decent shape guys? PLEASE let me know...and I will begin my search.

I think your looking in the right areas. Just make sure it's a 5.0 HO motor. Stay away from the truck engines since most of the 5.0 F150 engines used flat tappet cams. For a stock replacement you want the HO motor with the roller cam, E7 heads, and double sump Fox oil pan. All you should need to do is strip it down to a long block and install the '94/'95 speciffic intake system, fuel system, sensors, accessories, exhaust, front cover, waterpump, valve covers, and wiring.
Anyway you cut it you are better off breaking it down to the long block and reusing the tin from the 5.0 you have. 94-95 Mustangs have a specific timing cover, valve cover, exhaust manifold, fuel rails, and intake manifold for that 2 year run. These are non wear items and can be reused. The cost of replacing these items individually is cost prohibitive and will take a lot of time to track them down. It takes less money and time to just clean them and reuse them.

To be honest with you, I'm not much of a fan of tracking down a used engine. With all the time and money you spend putting a 20 year old + engine in, you are better off paying a little extra for a reman. Every parts store out there will sell you a reman engine for about $1600.

I sort of agree with you there Kurt on buying new or rebuilt...but this is the direction the owner wants me to go. He just wants something to motor around on while he rebuilds his 5.0 for much more punch. So I can kind of see his point.

I saw a guy on here reccommend a 5 liter from a 97 Mountaneer?

I guess what I need to know is what vehicles should I be looking toward? Explorers of a certain year? Car? Truck? What year v8's should I be favoring? Is it completely safe to say that it seems that the HW the owner has from his original engine will help me to convert the proper 5 liter V8 to the Wierd sort of in Limbo 94-95 spec 5 Oh in his 95 Mustang?

I just need to know what vehicles to target..... Please spell it out for me guys.... I dont know the differences in these 5 liters between certain years and or vehicle type.

I'd just like to know what to call around and ask for round here... Please help me with "The List" of valid candidates for this 5 liter swap out. Thank you very much for your help