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Mar 24, 2006
Hi I'm kinda new to this. I looked and I couldn't find the answers to what I was looking for in one of the threads. I have a 68 mustang thats got non power drums all the way around. I have the disk brakes and was about to buy a power conversion kit but found out that I either need a proportioning valve or a distribution block. I look it up but still am kinda confused about this. Whats the difference, what do I NEED to buy and how will it affect the car? (Its a 289 auto used to be standard...incase that helps) Thanks:hail2:
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You should already have a distribution block on your car that you will still use. Its function splits the brake lines and has a warning light switch on it to warn you if you lost front or rear brake pressure. The propotioning valve is needed when you change to four wheel disk brakes. It reduces/slows the pressure to the rear disk brakes so the front will lock up first otherwise you will go round in circles during a panic stop.