newtakeoff bumper cover


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Feb 21, 2006
Well, I scraped the curb pretty bad at work the other day. Gouged the fool out of the bottom of the bumper cover, and broke the lower grille. I ordered a new bumper from newtakeoff without really doing much research. Can anyone give me any feedback on their experience with them.

Also, can anyone tell me where to find a replacement lower grille beside the dealer?

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I ordered a rear bumper cover from them and it was in OK condition (has a scratch below the keyhole on the top of the bumper as well as most of the edges being messed/chipped up) It looks ok from about 5 feet away but it still bothers me so I may get it repainted later. If little imperfections don't bother you, I would go for it as it may end up being cheaper.
My sister got one from them and it was fine. Took me a couple of hours to remove the old one and install. Most of that time was spent drilling out the rivets on the bracket of the old bumper as the new one had it removed. I used screws and nuts to attach it to the new one.
Well, I wondered why I hadn't gotten any response when I asked where to find a lower grille. Well, I got my newtakeoff replacement bumper cover yesterday, (perfect condition btw, with the white protective film still on it) and realized THE LOWER GRILLE IS PART OF THE BUMPER COVER!! I feel like such a dumbass, and I'm soryy for asking sucj a naive question.