Ninosport January New Year Sale!

Ninosport Mustang Parts

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Mar 31, 2000
NW Houston
Hurry and take advantage of this new year sale! Save 7% on your total order until January 21st! So start your new years dream car with all the great products Ninosport has to offer with great prices and exceptional customer service. Also, don't forget all exhaust, induction, and vinyl accessories ship FREE!

Use promo code NEWYEAR at checkout to receive discount.

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As always thank you for your patronage.

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Awesome! i just took advantage and picked up a X-pipe and some eliminators. Needed louder exhaust to make up for the added road noise KDW2's gave.

i look forward to hearing a catless Xpipe with Spintech 333SCS mufflers in a roush-style side exit configuration.