Nitrous Add-Ons


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May 10, 2001
Jacksonville, FL
I've been debating Nitrous vs Supercharger for awhile now and I think I've settled on the bottle. What other bolts on's would compliment a 75-100 shot Nitrous setup?

I was thinking somethin like

373 Gears
O/R H Pipe
Timing adjuster
and maybe a chip

Trying to keep everything under $2k, give or take a couple $100
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Red2000GT said:
I'd change exhaust manifolds.

What exactly does that mean?

I think Cat-back systems are a waste of time, it would be easier and cheaper to to get someone to weld in some mufflers. The rest of the pip should be fine unless you really want to pay $200+ for nice looking pipes.
You'll really want the chip (or handheld tuner) with the gears and O/R H. The chip (or HHT) can handle the MIL errors, chg timing, A/F ratio, correct the speedo for the new gears, etc. I'd highly recommend SCT - ck them out at - SCT - The guys that know! Awesome support!!!
Changing the exhaust manifolds means removing the OEM ones and replacing them with aftermarket headers, either shorties (which use the OEM size mid pipe) or long tube headers, which would use a different size (much shorter, since the headers come all the way down along side the transmission) mid pipe. Long tube headers really make the best power and many people say not to waste your time and money with the shorties as the gains they provide are minimal. Of course the drawback to long tubes is their price and the cost to have them installed (it's not an easy job!)
Not to flame ya, but if you are trying to keep it under $2K and were trying to decide between nitrous oxide and a blower...well, there really isn't much choice, now is there? A blower is about 10 times the cost of nitrous! Again, I'm not trying to be a smart a$$, or I wouldn't have wasted my time typing out all of the above info. :D :nice: :flag:
Well, I was thinking about budgeting about $5k for a SC and accessories, but I opted for the $2k. I love my car and all and really want to go fast, but that's just too much to justify.

So the chip would eliminate the need for MIL eleminators and a Timing Adjuster?
If you are going with nitrous, I would definitely put in some 3.73's(350.00 or so Installed). The O/R midpipe(200.00) and some free-flowing mufflers(150.00) are also a good idea as the nitrous works better w/ exhaust mods. You can also get a mail order SCT Flash Tuner w/both custom N/A and Nitrous tunes(400.00). Find a good used Nitrous Kit on here or Ebay for around $300-400 and you'll be set. That totals up to around $1500.00, so you still have another 500.00 to play with.
The above advice is sound.

Just don't get a C&L MAF and run nitrous.

A handheld tuner isn't a must unless you want to run over a 100 shot. Even then you can get a timing adjuster for 100. It's MUCH less versital but also alot cheaper.

Just get an off-road pipe, the other boltons will help, but not as much.

Any bolt-on that adds hp n/a will add hp under spray. You could spend $300 on the plenum/throttlebody combo, or just up the jetting 10 hp. The latter of the two comes with the kit.

Just know, stock timing for under a 100-75 shot and subtract 1 degree for every 25hp over that. Also get a set of colder plugs (I run Autolite 103s).