Engine No Crank Issue (But Starts When Jumping Big Terminals on the Starter Solenoid)

Hi All,
I am hoping someone can help me with this issue. The car was starting via the ignition switch fine a few months ago. The car sat for a few months and wouldn't start.... the battery was dead. I had the battery re-charged/tested and it is fine (getting 12.4 volts). When trying to start the car normally via the ignition switch I get no crank (fuel pump primes, lights work). So, I started the troubleshooting checklist. I get to step three listed below and the car starts right up and runs fine when I jump the two big terminals on the starter solenoid with the key in the "Run" position. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but I replaced the clutch cable since the last time the car was starting via the ignition switch. I think I must have a wiring problem somewhere but don't know where to look next? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

"3.) Jump the big terminals on the starter solenoid next to the battery with a screwdriver - watch out for the sparks! If the engine cranks, the starter and power wiring is good. The starter relay is also known as a starter solenoid."

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