no lights, no stereo, no power?


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May 13, 2006
Ok well basically ive got no instrument lights, no stereo and blinkers. ive got a temporary stereo installed that i powered off of the accessory cable coming out of the fuse box.. ive replaced all of the necessary fuses but still nada. also, for a while, my stereo only worked when my rpm's were up and my inst. lights clicked on one time when i opened my secondaries.. my courtesy lights work however so im a little confused on how track down the problem. help someone? its a 66 btw and its starts up fine
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What happens when you turn your headlights on and off? A lot of things don't work if your headlight switch packs it in. Also check your firewall connectors. I had one pin push through the back once and the result was that nothing south of the firewall had power. Do you have a meter or test light to trace your systems?
ive checked the firewall connectors on both sides and they are in working order for sure...

ya i was thinking it might be a ground but how do you ground the turn signal switch?
oh and i unplugged my stereo from my fuse box and now my dash lights are working. but the stereo itself doesnt work consitently where ever i draw power from...

ill check the ground tomorrow, that seems to be the culprit...
and another quick question, how do i connect my carbs autochoke to a hitorque ministarter and keep my engine running after turning over?