No Oil Pressure!


New Member
Jan 11, 2014
Hey guys new here,

I just got a 04 mustang GT. After 3 days of enjoying it I was driving around I look down and stock gauge read 0 PSI, Now I know the stock gauge is just a dummy light. I then bought and installed a aftermarket gauge.. still showing nothing... I have worked on GMs all my life I have no idea where to go from here on a ford motor.... The rebuilt motor only has about 20k on the clock..

This is a 4.6 2v.

Any help would be great!! again nice to meet you all!!

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Replaced oil pressure sensor, No go. She is definitely making noise, But ran and revved fine... I just don't understand how it would still be running having zero PSI. I drove it for a good half hour before I noticed the gauge.
You would have thought it would have locked up by then. The issue is I don't have a garage here so I would have to bring it in for any major repairs. The more I look into it the more I think its going to have to go in and tore down inspected and bearings all replaced.