No Spark Please Help


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May 29, 2013
Wichita KS
I have a 1995 Gt, I went out to go start it yesterday morning and it wouldn't start up. It was cranking but not even a sign of trying to start. So when I got sometime after I got off work I went ahead and pulled the Ignition control modual that is mounted under the intake on the passenger side. I had it tested, they told me it was bad so I replaced it. I put the new one on and still no spark. I even grabbed the coil while the car was trying to start and I didn't get shocked so still seems to me the coil isn't getting spark. I even put a volt meter on it. This is where I start getting confused it reads 12 volts. When starting the volts go down, I went ahead and took a spark plug out set it on top of my upper intake and hooked the plug wire up to it still couldn't see any spark. So now in my mind I am convinced its the coil. So I go get a new one. I throw it on and boom it starts. So I kill it tighten everything up, jump in the car and was planning on taking it out. I try to start it again and again no spark. I pop the hood do the same steps to see if I was getting spark or not. As I thought no spark again..

I am very confused, any help would be greatly appreciated this is my Daily Driver so I really need her back on the road.

I went ahead and took the ignition modual off and took it to work with me today so I can stop by the auto part store and have it checked to make sure they didn't give me a bad part, or my car burnt it up.
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If it started after you changed the coil, it could be the wiring harness to the coil. I just spliced a new pigtail on mine.
You might want to wiggle the plug and have somebody crank the car over.
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I thought the same because I have had a problem their before so we did put some new pig tails on the ends and I checked the wires with the volt meter as well to make sure I was getting power and still no spark. A guy up in the shop here at work thinks its the pick up coil in the distributor and that it was "dumb luck" that the car started with the new coil. But I am getting good connectivity their. And wiggling the wire while someone tried to start it was my first idea because my car has been known to do that sometimes.
If you had changed the connector before it is possible the wiring to the coil has corroded, broken or come loose. you can just hold the coil plug up and check for spark to that point. next would be the distributor.
Well I kinda thought the same, thinking I may have bent the connector a few times so I replaced the coil. I have a buddy that has a Fox Body and it had the ignition modual go out and when it went out the distributor went with it. When I had a ignition modual tested it was bad, so do you think my modual went out and possibly took out the distributor with it?