No Start After. TB Install, Power Pipe, PMas, and TFI Module


Sep 8, 2006
So my mustang was running, but was having some issues, rich a/f ratio, and a mass air meter from ebay which I wasn't positive on the calibration. So after hitting some pretty rich mixtures on a/f ratio.. 10.. 11... I gave up... and assumed I had mechanical issues I couldn't tune around. I have about 15 km on the new 347 trick flow engine, put on stock tb.. with cold air intake, and apparently 70mm 30lb calibrated mass air from ebay. I was up and running, but had some issues when the car got running and up to temp with random stalling.. then once I turned off the engine to cool, I could start it back up and it would run fine I have a innovate wideband and quarterhorse software with laptop hooked up.. I tried tunning maf. to get a decent a/f ratio , but assumed I was prob tuning around a mechanical issue. So I gave up late summer 09.. over the winter I purchased some parts.. first a accufab 75mm tb to match my trick flow intake with 75mm opening, but got the 4 inch race version, with egr spacer, followed by a 4 inch power pipe, and a pmas velocity meter. I also picked up a new accel tfi module which I installed today.

So today was the first attempt at starting up since the summer last year. I first checked oil level, and rad level, unplugged the one wire on the top of the rotor, so I could just try to turn it over a few times to build up oil pressure.. then put it back on.. battery level was low.. so hooked up battery charger.. which I used on and off over the winter to keep and the level good on the battery which I just bought this year.. with 9 year warranty.. ..

anyways.. so I jumped it.. and had it turning over easily.. but just wouldn't fire.. because I had to pull the distributor.. I had to turn the crank to 10 degrees.. and make sure I am at wire 1 on the distributor, and I turned the accufab tb 2 turns.. 1 turn first try... tps sensor is at .85 ish

Could smell some fuel.. and check the fuel pressure. and have adequate fuel pressure.. threw on timing light and it was flashing, not every turnover.M'

My dad will prob. be able to help me get it goin, but we are working 6 days a week and opposite shifts so it's kinda hard.. Have to work early tomorrow.. so I kinda gave up once I got cold and it was getting dark.. only tried with it jumped for about 15 minutes...

any suggestions for tomorrow?

Thanks guys... am kinda excited.. this pmas meter is calibrated for 30lb injectors and I think I trust pmas from anderson motorsport more then a random meter from ebay.. so hope my a/f ratio isn't off the wall. any advice appreciated.. sorry for the long.. post but want to give as much detail as possible.. any other info. need just ask! Thanks Guys!
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