Noise, a little help...


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
I had the ford racing handling pack installed a few months ago. I've noticed a noise recently. When I am going up an entrance or onto something with a little incline I hear a creaking like noise from the body, is this noise coming from stress on the body? is this anyone else hearing this? and is it good for the car? The car handles great and i've done some minor inspections for loose parts or rubbing and didn't see anything that sticks out.
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did they reinstall the rubber isolators on the bottom of the springs?

I'm not sure about that, I have the parts list and what came with the package when it was ordered. Looking at the parts picture though, I don't see them. Could this be the culprit causing the noise, I would think with something like that (the isolators) missing that it would be a constant noise not just up a minor incline.
I have heard this on my car a few times, but didnt think anything of it because its not happening all the time. But if it is bothering you then I would take it back to the installer and explain it to them. They should offer to check it out and see what the problem is.