noob to stangnet needs help w/ 93 coupe


Apr 8, 2008
first and foremost, whats up ppl new guy here but not new to stangs. I have a little problem w/ my 1993 coupe. The car starts up fine, nice and smooth, no surging, no smoke, no rough idle, but then like 8-10 seconds later it shuts off. Ive already swapped out the TFI, coil, mass air meter, ignition switch from my 88 thats running and nothing. I took the ECM out of the 88 (its a mass air) and put it on my 93, now it stays on but the idle is high and seems to surge when i try to put it in gear or it shuts off and doesnt want to start again. I really dont know :nonono: what else to check or swap out so any help would be great..thanks
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i put a guage on it and it doesnt loose fuel press. i pulled codes and what i got was 67 and 54 cant remember now but i will try to pull the codes tomorrow. and i'll try the checklist out see if i get anything. other than that i've tried just about everything so idk what to do next :shrug:
code 54: Intake air temp sensor circuit open; VAF out of range

code 67:Clutch switch circuit failure, Neutral drive switch circuit failure, or A/C input high.

if you had a bad neutral safety switch the car would not have started, even with a different computer.
allright i figured out the problem thanks to you guys and the checklist. it turned out to be the computer, got a new one no more shutting off, i have code 54 and 98.
54 - ACT
98 - right side O2
i'm going to try to clear those codes b/c those sensors are not that old.