not this again (intake reseal)


New Member
Aug 21, 2003
yah so im finally re-sealing my intake after i botched the job instaqlling it last summer...anyway the trick flow upper is so huge that u cant get a wrench on the upper manifold bolt thats near the i have to take the distributor out b4 removing the upper (did it opposite on stock manifold) problem is i cant get that 1 miserable ****ing distributor bolt to come loose...any tips for gettin at that baby...i was gonna torch it but there is way to much rubber and plastic around the area and i dont wanna risk torching anything else...the AC is kinda in the way but im not sure its safe to remove that baby (freon gas is not healthy) i dunno im at a loss, i figured after doing it once it would take no time at all cause i know what im doing this time...its always something...any advice, post up...thank in advance :hail2:
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I am not sure I understand your problem, but here is what I do. I use a 3/8 drive extension 12" long and a Snap On 1/2" universal socket for the distributor. Works great everytime.