Novi 1500 SL Supercharger going in my 69 Fastback


New Member
Jan 25, 2006
Well here we go. I ordered a Novi 1500 self lubricating supercharger for my 1969 fastback and it is at the shop getting installed. It is the very first sl unit produced for a passenger side mount - so Paxton tells me anyway. They have made the engine oil lubricated units for a long time but this is the first 1500 self lubricated unit for this application.

I called Paxton and they said they only made one for the 302 but the 351W was not in production yet. I could not give in that easily so I spoke with production and they were happy to allow a special order unit. I ordered the unit from the very helpfull staff at Vortech (they purchased Paxton) and my order was built and delivered in 4 days.

Should have the car back in a few days - can't wait!:D
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