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I did! Got a little haze running around my brain, but night shift does that to ya! If I remember correctly, you were the one who saw me on I-5 headin home one morning from work? If so, then you know what I mean! :sleep:

Heh, checked out the forums over there.....then I ran across a pic of me in my Kilt...Oh man...that things just getting everywhere.... :D

I'll have to try and keep up with you guys over there, but feel free to PM me here if something comes up, It would be nice to get a group of Bullitts together. :nice:

There are 3 Bullitt's that hang around the Starbucks in Beaverton on most wkends...I'll let them know about the SN meet for the NW group in April and maybe you guys can hook up...where there's 1, there are 2 others..
Katonk said:
Hi guys!..I'm a BULLITT owner in Auburn, DHG #4056. I'm game for a meet, but I work Swing shift and almost every weekend but could possibly arrange to call in sick one day..lol... :nice:

There is a mustang meet in Vancouver in April, which I believe there will be a large gathering of Bullitt's...check out the NW forum for additional info
Geeze Blackbullitt! You you really need to check out I.M.B.O.C. There are a few of us Bullitts that hang out in the portland area + lots in washington. We did alot of stuff together last year(see Muffinboy's year in review in northwest folder) and plan to do alot more this year. Go to I.M.B.O.C. and look in the northwest folder. There is a run to Bridge of the gods or marryhill in the planning stages right now for next weekend. Saleenster has the April meet, I have a claybar party I want to do soon, Twostang has a big Bullitt meet I think in june (see imboc), Mustang wranglers has the friday night meets starting up soon, Mustangs unlimited has a Mt. ST Hellens run and lots other other stuff. Throw in some trips to P.I.R. and all the car shows planned for this summer. You would be more than welcome to join in on any of these meets, or suggest something of your own.
Yeah, I guess since I pay for my membership there :shrug: ....just too many things to keep track of at once, ya know? Couple of jobs and a ton of BS floatin around up top, LOL!

Bridge of the Gods is cool, I go to the lodge there at Skamania at least once a year, usually for work conferences and such. Nice drive out there, either side of the river, 84's nice for speed, but 14's great for the corners! :D Knew that Mustangs West has a St. Helens drive in May, didn't know about the Bullitt meet, have to see if I'm in town for that, gonna be at the 40th celebration for the April meet tho... :lol:

Thanks for the reminder! I'm sure I'll definately see ya at one of the get togethers! Easy to spot Bullitt, Black with silver script across the top of the windshield (Bullitt) and big azz tires....there's also a pic somewhere floating around of me standing next to the car in my Scottish Colors (aka my Kilt)... :rlaugh: