Engine OEM/OTS Cold Air Intake (v2.0)


Jun 26, 2019
It started as a Cobra MAF intake build, but has now morphed into a "Speed Density" intake tube with a 12" T6 Seamless aluminum tube (to be trimmed as needed to allow more airgap on the passenger side) - ends will be rolled for clamp retention, and body powder-coated in "pebbled" satin black to look like plastic.
The plan is to weld on a Hitachi-style MAF plate for a Slot-style MAF when the 2.5L/5R55E/EEC-V ECU combo get dropped in.
The "magic happens" when you double the size of the paper filter (OEM, Off-The-Shelf, Disposable), and pull air from behind the headlight, inside the fender.

'87-'93 Foxboxy Airbox (this is a "Franken-Box" as the snorkel/silencer is from an LX, the filter base is a GT, and the cover is from a Lincoln - "Best of" 3 airboxes - remainder was sold on FleaBay)
'87-'88 Foxbody Speed Density" Intake tube
T6 3" Dia. tubing - 12" long to start - trim to desired length
Spectre 3" to 2.5" intake coupler ("off-the-shelf" item from local parts store)
[Pro Tip: The 2.5" to 3" Coupler also works ;) ]
The Cobra MAF was going to be coded into the tune, but I decided to use the "Slot MAF" to incorporate the IAT, and give a cleaner look to the install.
It will be welded to the "back" of the intake tube - facing the firewall, out of sight.

This is with the 12" pipe untrimmed as a POC. Clamps are present, but loose.
Runs PERFECTLY on SD ECU/Tune, but DOES need to relearn idle as there is a bit of an off-idle stumble.

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This is the "v1" edition - using the Cobra MAF, MAF intake tube and 3" dia. - 6" long Off-The-Shelf plastic intake tube.

[Pro Tip: The shorter the aftermarket intake tubing, the further the OEM piece "tips in" and the more odd it looks. Also, the weight of the MAF made it droop, adding to the odd look - the Factory MAF mounting plate is recommended (I had one, but didn't mount it as the paint was still wet during assemble/idle testing).]