Officially "Stangless"

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KDK1988GT said:
well I guess a congrats on selling the car... good luck with the hunt for a 03-04 Cobra,

Was it a younger fella that got the car or older?

Younger than me. I'd say about 23. Told him everything about the car....well amost. Showed him the pic with the wheels up in the air and he loved it and didnt mind at all. (cause he asked if I ever took it to the track..)

Hopefully he'll take good care of her.

I miss the car though, like a LOT. I dont regret selling it, but I wouldnt mind just having an old beat up fox body just to have fun a little while I get my Cobra. :D
It's a wierd feeling for sure. I sold mine nearly 2-years-ago this September. I bought my current XR7 to replace it, but as of yet haven't finished it. It's a good thing I bought an '01 Explorer Sport to drive around in, in the mean time. :D