Oil in EGR Passage

After putting my engine together and running it a while I noticed that there was oil coming from my air filter. I removed the intake tube and oil was pouring out. I then removed the upper intake and there was oil on the two mating surfaces between the intakes in the middle where I suppose this is the EGR passage. Also there was oil in the runners near this hole. Can this be causing my problem? I have previously removed the whole EGR system.
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When the intake is in place on the engine, there is a hole that is located right under the intake EGR passage at the back of the engine. The hole is there from when the oil gallies were drilled into the block during the manufacturing process.

Check to make sure the freeze plug that was put into that hole is tight because if its not, then oil will go straight out of the block and up into the intake.

I had the same problem that you described (oil everywhere) and all it was was that freeze plug not being installed flush. I took it out, got a new plug, put it in correctly...end of problem.

Hope this helped.