Oil in EGR spacer???


Jul 20, 2005
When i took off my throttle body and IAC to clean them i noticed there was lots of oil in the EGR spacer. Just wondering if thats normal or is that something i have to worry about. Thanks

1992 5.0
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Check out the rest of your pcv system. When the valve or screen becomes clogged, the crankcase is forced to ventilate through the valve cover/hose into the throttle body -- which usually brings oil with it. More than likely your pcv system needs re-newing. New hose, rubber groommet, screen and valve ought to help. Also, if someone has removed the baffle under the filler neck to make room for roller rockers -- that can contribute to the problem as well.
Shouldn't have to remove the upper -- but it makes access easier. I can reach down behind mine and get to the valve/grommet no problems. Retrieving the wire mesh/oil trap under the grommet is a bit tricky. I found a wand-type magnet pulls it right out of there. I'd only buy the grommet/mesh/valve at the dealer. They seem to fit better - nice tight seal around the valve so there's no vacuum leak.
Thanks for the welcome. been a member for a little bit but just posted just today. very cool site.

but as far as me getting to the PCV without taking off the upper intake manifold. i just dont see it happening. my hands and forearms are huge. :p cant fit anything in tight spaces. but ill work on it and if i need some more help ill let you guys know or if i get it ill let you know how it worked out. :flag:
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is it possible to block off whole thats in the oil filler tube that goes to the throttle body? or even the spot in the throttle body?
That passage is there to allow metered air to ENTER the crankcase (through maf into throttle body through the hose into the valve cover/crankcase) when vacuum is pulling on the crankcase through the pcv. If you block it off without doing anything else, the same crankcase pressure that is now pushing oil through it is gonna push the oil out the next weakest link - rear main or front main seals, or gaskets === oil leaks. If you simply add a breather, then you allow unmetered air to enter the engine whenever the manifold is seeing vacuum.

The proper solution is to solve why the oil is getting in there in the first place -- not to simply block it off. If your pcv system is operating properly, and the baffle is in your valve cover oil filler neck, you shouldn't have oil being pushed into the throttle body with crankcase pressure.

The wild card here is that you have an engine that is producing so much blow-by (because it's 'tired' or seeing lots of boost/nitrous) that the stock pcv system can't vent the crankcase. If that's the case -- then you need more crankcase ventilation capacity.
As mentioned above, it is not a good idea to blindly modify the pcv system. Alot of things can get messed up doing this.

If you are not sure if the car has been modified or not check the hose going between the valve cover and throttle body. If this hose is wet with oil then I would suspect that the valve cover baffle has been removed for aftermarket rockers. Or you may be able to see a baffle plate by lookin down the oil filler neck?

You can check the pcv hose the same way. Pull it loose from anywhere your big "Moose" hands can reach (please don't take offense and hurt me). If it is wet with oil, that is probably where oil is entering the manifold.

Wish you luck Haus,

you can run a Oil Separator Kit... these will help out with

detonation, oil burning and deposits on the valves by removing oil drawn through the PCV system before it can contaminate the intake charge. Excess crankcase pressure (sometimes known as ''blow-by'') is vented from the crankcase through the PCV system, where it is drawn into the intake manifold and returned by the engine. This re circulated air contains aerated oil from the crankcase which is burned by the engine.

oil separator plugs into the PCV hose between the PCV valve and the intake manifold and removes aerated oil from the re circulated air and collects it in a tube that can be drained and recycled.

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you can find most of the stuff you need at a local car parts store...