Oil Pan and water pump differences?


Oct 7, 2008
Long story short. I bought a used short block. I was unsure of the year so I told the local parts store it was a 1990 5.0 I get home and the oil pump is hitting the pan. The auto store told me that there is an earlier pan which is deeper? I also told them the car was a 1990 for the water pump and front cover. But all of that bolted up fine. Is there just a difference in years for the oil pan?
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ford revised the oil pan in 1994 in the mustang all replacment pans were supper ceded to the later pan, is your pump a high volume pump , iff it is and you have the later pan the bolts on the pump will hit . but a stock pump shoulld fit !
Should be casting codes on the block near where the bellhousing bolts up by the headers.

Also, there would be a partial vin under the lower intake at the rear where the PCV is that should be stamped into the block.

Post those up and that may help narrow it down
I bought the pan from the parts store. I think the pump may be an aftermarket. I am gonna try the other pan that they have. He said the pans fit 83-89 and then 90-95. He said the earlier ones are deeper. I'll start with that. Aftermarkert pumps do they fit under the normal pan?
First, replace the pump with one from ford racing meant for a stock 302, it should only be like $50. The pan is already off, and the pump is unknown, small price to pay for some insurance.
Second, just get a used pan from a mustang, can't be much more than $20, and don't get a chrome one.
Heres an update. I got the earlier pan and it does not hit the oil pump. So I guess I have an earlier block. Anyway to check the oil pan/pump clearance. I do not hear it hitting anymore, but just for piece of mind.