oil pan gasket oil leak

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The easiest way, if there is such a thing is to unbolt the engine and lift it up so you can get some slack between the pan and the k-member. Its a pain but its better than pulling the whole engine out.
I don't know Jay, you pretty much have to pull the engine out. You need to get it high enough to clear the front of the oil pan so it can slide past the K member and don't forget the oil pickup which will find a way to snag the pan, it is definatly a PITA item.

What part is leaking, the sides, the back or the front. If is in the rear, it may be the rear main seal, in the front it is probally the timing cover, on the sides your f'd.
You should be able to change it out just by jacking the engine up a bit.

While you're at it, you may want to check out the condition of your motor mounts and change those out too if they are cracked.