oil pan gasket


New Member
Apr 12, 2008
is there any write ups on how to do this, my search lead me to belive that i will have to losen up the motor mounts and jack the motor up n leave it sittin on the kmember am i missing any thing? any tip ics write ups anything is appericated
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No write ups, you've got it down. Changing the oil pan gasket is a major PITA on our cars. I think you have to remove the bolts from the tranny mount as well to avoid tearing the mount when you lift the engine.

Depending on how many miles you have on our engine, you may want to replace the oil pump and the oil pump driveshaft (I forget the real name offhand). Don't want to have to do this again anytime soon.
I've done this and like he mentioned it is a huge pita. I loosened the motor mounts and jacked the engine up as high as I could. THis gives you about 2 inches of room to work with once you lower the pan. I also used string on the new gasket to try and fish it into place. I would say it was one of the worse jobs I have done, and on top of that, the new gasket leaked as well.

One thought I had, maybe its a good time to upgrade to a new tubular cross memeber lol