Engine Oil Shooting out of dip stick


Apr 1, 2018
Newport Beach
Hey Guys,

Just needed some feedback based on your years of experience before I tear it down. Although I am pretty sure I know the bad news from reading previous threads on here.

Over the past few months I have been getting some white smoke under heavy boost and oil blowing out of the dip stick. She started running rough so I took off the upper intake and took out the plugs.

Driver side plugs were oil fouled and upper intake had oil in the runners. I was thinking it could be the check valve I installed on the PCV line so I capped off the PCV. I do have the valve covers tapped feeding to a catch can and plumbed the line back into the power pipe. So I was hoping that would be ok. I also bought a new oil dip stick as the original didnt seem to fit well.

Fired her up, checked timing, runs great now, but now you can see the oil is shooting out of the top of the dip stick with a vengeance. Also the rear main seal is dumping oil just sitting there at idle.

With all that being said, just wanted feedback from years of experience among everyone. I'm guessing its rebuild time? I read somewhere it could be valve guides?? Not sure what to expect here.

Any feed back is greatly appreciated!!


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I'd be looking at jacking under the house
Jun 28, 2020
Memphis TN
Your piston rings are shot and allowing too much blowby into the crankcase.
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