Old inspection stickers & reissued plates (Texas ? & info)


Dec 4, 2003
Hey old timers, what side did the texas 1965 inspection sticker go on? I think it goes on the passenger-side corner of the windshield, but not sure.

getting plates reissued in Texas-
-TX recently went to one rear plate only- no front plate needed- finally!
-make sure your old plate is in good shape- they don't like rust on them
-$55 for 5 years no reg/inspect (heckuva deal)
-only can drive it to shows/meetings (ha)

my story:
I had standard TX plates (two), wanted to get my ONE 1965 plate reissued as an "antique auto" (no inspection/registration for 5 years)

First time to the DMV, they said I needed a matching set of 65 plates to reissue them... but the funny thing was that I went ahead and registered as a standard Antique Auto, and they gave me only one antique auto plate...
They said if I had 2 plates currently, I had to have 2 matching plates to get them reissued...

so, by that logic...
I took my ONE antique auto plate home... then went back up there the next day with my one plate, and they reissued my old plate with no problems.

Talk about some dumbass rules & folks that can't think outside of a box!
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Aug 21, 2002
lubbock, texas
my 69 cougar cam with a set of 69 plates but i don't think i'll register it with them just yet, i wanna drive it not show it. however, if i do use the 69 plates at some point that repro 69 inspection sticker will be cool