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Jul 18, 2013
Hi all.
Career military looking at the end of the career, and looking forward to having the time to give the old girl the love and attention she deserves.
1970 Coupe, 302 2bbl C4, buckets with floor shifter, power brakes and an AM radio.
That is how she started,

Now 347,
Performer RPM intake, worked over 3310 carb, hei dizzy (I want an 85 factory dizzy to wire in the MSD) world products heads, B-cam, headers, 88 5.0 block, carter mech fuel pump, 2.5 inch dual exhaust.
rebuilt and tweaked C4 (5-speed when I get home in 2016)
Vermillion 69 seat covers (My wife an I installed em) Aftermarket console,
$200 disc brakes up front, exploder rear with discs out back(3.73:1),
Ron Francis wiring set to go in when I get home too.....
A/c is also on the list
Body and paint were done in a hurry before i transfered, needless to say it needs to be done again.
But the color is Arizona Beige, a factory mustang color from the early 2000's.

Spending some time strolling through the technical and faq's
search is my friend!
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