? on TCI 3000 converter for 2005 GT


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May 23, 2002
McAllen, tx
I am thinking about ordering the TCI Streetfighter 3000 Converter for my automatic. Seems like a great upgrade for $499 + whatever else is needed.

Is that converter just a direct replacement? Or do I have to get the car tuned? The tunes that my GT currently has are Email ordered, if it does need to be retuned.. could it be a mail order tune?

EDIT: What gains are to be expected from this modification?
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Make sure that the converter is a lock-up design. I think TCI's lock-up converters cost a few hundred more, but are worth it so the car pulls harder at the track. My converter is a different brand, but comparable to the TCI or PI converters.

My 60' times improved 3 full tenths of a second, on average after installing a converter, and that was with no computer retuning. I later had some retuning done to speed up the lock-up after WOT upshifts and improved even more.

I paid $250 in labor for the converter swap at the Ford dealership that I work for.