One Piece Floor Pan In A Convertible

So I'm trying to get this one piece floor pan into my '65 convertible. How is this supposed to fit in there!? The front section is no problem, but i don't see a way to get the rear seat area bent down and under the pieces that run on the outside of where the top spring things/hydraulics go.

Has anyone put one of these in a convertible and can help me out here? If all else fails I'm going to have to cut the pan and then weld it back together, I was just hoping not to.
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my problem isn't with the inner rockers, it's the rear seat area. There's a part in the car that comes down from the side of the seat back and connects to the inner rocker. I have to get the floor under that piece and I see no way of doing it.
I caved and just cut the floor pan. I cut it straight back from the inside edge of the torque boxes on both sides. There was no way that thing was going in there. I had a hard enough time getting the side pieces in by themselves. In other news, the floor is about 80% in. I just need to finish off a few welds and then I'm onto other stuff.