One thing always leads to another. (Pulley Help)


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Mar 26, 2004
Some of you may recall my earlier post on Flexplate and matching Balancer for a 1990 302 in a 66 Mustang.

I had a 28 Oz instead of the correct 50 Oz. Now that I have the correct 50 Oz. flexpplate and matching Balancer my orginal pulley no longer fits. I'm not in the mood to upgrade all my pulleys, I only want to purchase a crank pulley single grove only needed to meet up with my orginal alternator and water pump.

Can anyone help with part numbers?

Thanks in advance.?
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Interesting problem. Is the problem the 3 bolt /4 bolt mount on the balancer or is the 50oz balancer a different thickness than the 28oz that you took off? Which would affect the depth of the crank pully.

Mustangs plus has this also:

This balancer features 289, 302, or 351W sets of timing marks, accepts all 3 bolt and 4 bolt crankshaft pulleys, and is made of nodular steel. Buy one for a 5.0L engine now and if needed on the 289, simply take it off the 5.0L, buy the other counterweight, bolt it in, and install it on the 289!